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Building on our experience and our longtime values of honesty, integrity, and genuine concern for our clients, we at Baird specializes in helping successful families meet their long-term financial goals. Our highly personalized service adapts to your unique financial situation, particularly in our traditional expertise of philanthropy and tax-aware investing. Our Specialized Advanced Planning processes, focuses on goals ranging from a comfortable retirement to your children and grandchildren’s wellbeing to establish a foundation for your community and legacy. We can build long-term confidence in and easy to understand pathways to your financial future.

Financial &#38;<br/>Tax Planning

Financial &
Tax Planning

Helping clients achieve short and long-term goals through strategic planning
and tax-efficient investing.

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Educating clients on different strategies for structuring wealth to mitigate
their estate tax liability.

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Constructing bespoke portfolios using a blend of asset classes to increase client's after-tax returns.

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